The Broke Person’s Guide to Cryptocurrency

Have you been trying to get into cryptocurrency, but don’t have the money to really spare in buying coins? Trust me when I say you’re not alone. So if you’re broke, how can you get free cryptocurrency? Is it possible to build any type of wealth with cryptocurrency without investing thousands of dollars first?

Well we are going to find out. Follow me on this journey to see if it’s possible to get grow a substantial sum of coins without investing money.

Day 1: I’m actually at the end of day 1 (a 24 hour period). My plan is to find as many giveaways and other means of free cryptocurrency as possible. So here is what I’ve done thus far:

  1. I first started with various Google searches to find free cryptocurrency. In order to keep track of some of the things I find I actually started a Facebook page. This can save someone of you who are interested some time searching. The page can be found here: ICOs & Free Cryptocurrency
  2. Started signing up to get my free coins. Places I signed up:

This is actually a new cryptocurrency that’s in it’s pre-phase to be released soon. Just by signing up now with them they will give you 50 free coins.

This site is supposed to be more of a cryptocurrency investment site with levels. Their website says:
Signup and we will credit your QoinPro wallet everyday with:0.00000250 BitCoin
0.00007671 LiteCoin
0.00604838 FeatherCoin
0.24640460 Virtacoin
0.00056826 PeerCoin
0.00004063 Dash
More coins are being added constantly, others can be unlocked and multipliers up-to 1250% are applied daily.

This is an Ethereum investment site. I’m really interested in Ethereum right now because from the looks of it they are really pushing it to become the next bitcoin. Signing up now with this site will give you 0.002 ETH. Each day it’s supposed to grow interest. So we’ll see how this one goes.
I’m not big on faucets, but there are a couple I decided to give a try. This one was first on the list because it’s one of the longest running. It also has a savings account where your coins can earn about 4% annual interest. Payouts start at 0.00000049 BTC

This faucet hasn’t been around as long as, but I kept reading good things about it so I decided to give it a try. Payouts start at 0.00000180 ETH.

Read on Reddit post in DeepOnion that they were giving away 1 Onion just for downloading their wallet and posting your wallet address in the post.

So now we’ve signed up for some free cryptocurrency. At the end of day 1 lets see where we stand:

WCX = 50
Onion = 1
dash 0.00004063
Feathercoin 0.00604838
Litecoin 0.00007671
Peercoin 0.00056826
Virtuacoin 0.24640460
Bitcoin 0.00000640
Ethereum 0.00202296

Note: The BTC is actually lower then what I would have had if I didn’t decide to try out the Hi/Low game on Lesson learned, won’t do that again.

Okay so one day down. Let’s see where we can go from here and how much we can grow. The one things about the faucets, it’s the weekend so I have some downtime to actually claim from them. I know I will not have as much time during the week, but my goal is to claim at minimum 5 times a day from each.

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