Broke Person’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Day 2

Ok guys, here we are on day 2. How’s everyone doing?

So today I came across some more free cryptocurrency to add to our list. To make my life easier I actually created a spreadsheet to keep track of the signups as well as the balances. I definitely recommend some form of record tracking to you can keep track of everything. An example of mines is above with my updated balances for the day. I also set up an email address just for these signups to keep them all separate from my primary email addresses. So what else is new today:

Today I signed up for Authorship. More information on them can be found here. From their website:

“Authorship Token. The ATS, a token based on the Ethereum technology, is a unit of exchange on a new Blockchain based book publishing system. Authors, publishers and translators are rewarded with ATS tokens in exchange to book sales, while readers are able to spend ATS tokens in order to purchase books. The tokens will be exchangeable to/from real money both directly on the Authorship platform (deposit/withdraw area) and through various online exchange platforms who are going to list the ATS tokens.”

They have a free bounty campaign going on with sign up you get 75 ATS (2000 ATS = 1 ETH) with an extra 75 ATS for each referral.

I also signed up for SmartCash.

Get up to 40 free #SmartCash for posting on Twitter.

From their website:

“SmartCash is a project born out of the desire to create a viable, fungible, fast, merchant oriented, user friendly and community driven cryptocurrency with a decentralized governance system. We aim to create the most nimble and fast growing cryptocurrency by aggressively prioritizing block rewards to growing our community, hiring developers, gaining merchant acceptance and via grassroots community outreach efforts and established marketing methods.”

So how can you get your SmartCash?

Step #1: Get A SmartCash Wallet/Address
Download the wallet from here:
Step #2: Follow @SCashOfficial on Twitter
Step #3: Copy a tweet & add your wallet address to it.
Step #4: Paste it on your twitter account.
Step #5: Get a tip sent to you!
*Users can get 2 tips per 24 hours, per Twitter user. The campaign goes until there are no funds left in the wallet.

To make it easier you can click directly from their campaign site

Updates for today:

For whatever reason QoinPro sites down so I am unable to update totals for that site today. We’ll check again tomorrow. If there are issues and it remains down we’ll remove it from the list and chalk it up as a loss (though not really because we didn’t invests anything)


Til tomorrow with more updates, Happy Crypt’ing


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