Broke Person’s Guide (Side Note) – Referral Links

I am just making this post as a side note because I forgot to mention it the other day. If you have clicked any links you may have noticed that some are referral links. Reason being this. I can submit the site to advertising sites and bombard this page with advertising to the point it’s overwhelming and the content is barely visible, just to possibly make some small profit from the site to keep it running. That’s not what I plan or even want to do. If you see advertisers here it will be specifically because I was contacted by the company and went through a vetting process and approved advertising on this site.

With that being said, our goal here is to invest no money in cryptocurrency and turn it around to making as much money as possible by December 19th. I know I did not mention the date yesterday either, so just so you know that is our timeline for measurement. So from now until December 19th we will try to make as much profit as possible. I imagine anyone that decides to follow this will also choose when posting about the opportunities to use a referral link as well when possible, because that will provide them the opportunity to get as much as possible from their signups.

Just to try to maintain transparency I wanted to share this with you guys. I’ll be back soon to update you with my information for the day with where each coin stands.

Thanks for reading and happy crypto’ing.


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